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This site has been deprecated and all functionality has been taken offline. What you're viewing now is a static HTML mirror preserved for posterity

The API endpoints are currently online, but will be removed from service later in 2017

The LotteryResultsAPI is the second generation of the LottoPredict API. Originally designed as a statistical experiment, LottoPredict gathered results data from UK based lotteries and ran statistical analysis on the results.

LotteryResultsAPI collects results data from games around the world, but unlike LottoPredict, the primary focus is on providing a simple, usable API to present the results to remote systems.

At time of launch, LotteryResultsAPI fetched and stored results for 72 lotteries worldwide, compared to LottoPredict's original 3!

Whilst designing LottoPredict, we found that there just isn't a single resource to use for accurate lottery data - many lotteries don't even provide their results in a format that can be retrieved automatically without resorting to 'scraping'. LotteryResultsAPI attempts to address that by collating results into a single database accessible via a simple API.

Statistical analysis of the stored results will be added soon, but the initial focus is on allowing users to retrieve results, check results and view historical data.