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This site has been deprecated and all functionality has been taken offline. What you're viewing now is a static HTML mirror preserved for posterity

The API endpoints are currently online, but will be removed from service later in 2017

There are a huge number of Lottery dedicated sites on the Internet. Each providing their users with lottery results, but these sites can be incredibly intensive to maintain. There are precious few sources of Lottery Result data, and those that do exist often only cover a few lotteries.

A common tactic is to 'scrape' result data from other sites, but whenever the source site changes the scraping routines need to be updated to continue to capture results.

LotteryResultsOnline changes that. We provide a single API with access to results from lotteries across the globe, as well as other functionality such as  user result checking.

Our subscribers receive additional benefits, such as access to libraries written to interact with our API, pre-built modules for the display of results and access to other useful resources.

We use a wide range of sources for our results data, to ensure that data is correct and up to date, with new games and data sources added regularly a subscription to our service could be the best thing you ever do for your site!